The East Coasts Largest Dog Festival | Fido’s Festival USA

Fido's Festival USA presents Supermutts

Advanced ticket sales are now closed. Tickets may be purchased at the gate for $10, cash only. Children 12 and under and all dogs are free. We look forward to seeing you at Fido's Festival USA!


That’s right we said ALL SUPERMUTTS. Leave those caves, secret lairs, and mansions behind and take a break from those crime-fighting moments to drive (or fly, whatever your preference) on over to Burlington County Fairgrounds in Columbus, New Jersey for a villain-free, superhero, fun-filled weekend. Come enjoy the supernatural phenomena that is called Fido's Festival USA®!

Show Us Those Superpowers

All dogs (and their superhuman companions) are welcome at Fido’s Festival USA®'s all-inclusive festival for dogs. Dreaming about being a SUPERMUTT? This is your chance to show off your extraordinary talents with exciting superhero themed contests. Don your cool superhero (and superheroine) costumes and combine your superpower with your superhuman family and participate in exciting dog activites such as dock diving, lure racing, and more!

Are you a working "super dog"? Do you try hard to make superhuman people with disabilities more comfortable or put a smile on the face of the elderly who are sometimes lonely? Are you side-by-side with our military service men and women? Do you search and rescue and help in disasters? Perhaps you work with our law enforcement fighting crime to keep our streets safe from supervillains! This year's Fido's Festival USA® honors those SUPERMUTTS who keep all of us safe!

A Festival For Our Canine Heroes

It’s time to celebrate the joy and privilege of just being a lovable family dog. Fido’s Festival USA® acknowledges the unique gifts and talents of ALL dogs—not just full breeds (Most of us couldn’t pass those requirements either). We’ll introduce your human family to the latest products and philosophies of dog ownership and raise awareness of rescue and shelter efforts. No special training will be required for you to compete in any of our superhero themed contests or pageants. It doesn’t matter if you are a service dog, an adopted stray, or a champion at Westminster, as long as you’re a dog you belong at Fido’s Festival USA®.