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SHAZAM! Incredible Canine Contests

Now's the time to test your superpowers or be the superhero you always dreamed possible. There's a contest for all SUPERMUTTS big or small, talent specific, or for those who love to dress up. How creative are you? Our themed, friendly competitions are always a great hit at Fido's Festival USA®. Ribbons and prizes are awarded for first, second, and third place for each contest. Bring your SUPERMUTT and join in the fun. Contest times will be posted.

Questions? Need more information? Call 856-854-FIDO (3436).

Arch Nemesis Dog Costume Contest
Arch Nemesis Costume Contest

Saturday 1:30 PM & Sunday 3:15 PM

Batman has the Joker and Superman has Lex Luther. Even though they are evil, we all enjoy being entertained by these famous villains. It's time for you to show off your inner villain... Joker perhaps, or maybe Bane... or do you favor the Green Goblin? This is your opportunity to be a "scoundrel" and the most feared "super villain" without those superheroes chasing after you! And, best part of all, you may win a prize!

Rules: One dog dressed as a famous villain

Superhero Dog Costume Contest
Superhero Costume Contest

Saturday 1:30 PM & Sunday 3:15 PM

Do you have bionic superpowers? Do you leap tall buildings in a single bound? Are you always there to save the day (or night)? Take a break from your crime fighting and give your superpowers a rest. Dress as your favorite superhero (or heroine) or make one up of your own! Today you are the superhero, the champion of right, the avenger for humanity. You are SUPERMUTT!

Rules: One dog dressed as a superhero (known or fabricated)

Superpaws Dog Race
FLASH! Super Paws Race

Saturday 12:30 PM & Sunday 1:15 PM

So what if you are a SUPERMUTT of a smaller kind? You still can show off your small but mighty abilities in our little dog race. Show everyone your racing powers!

Rules: small dogs only. No dachshunds (see Mighty Dog Races)

Mighty Dog Races
Mighty Dog Races

Saturday 12:30 PM & Sunday 1:15 PM

Superheroes come in all sizes and this contest is for our mini-SUPERMUTTS, our dachshund friends! Bring those short but bionic little legs to Fido's Festival USA® and demonstrate your super powers by running faster than the other wieners!

Rules: Dachshund's only

Poochmobile Contest
PoochMobile Spectacular

Saturday 1:30 PM & Sunday 3:15 PM

ZAP!!! What's a SUPERMUTT to do? You have to be faster than the speed of light to save humanity. But how do you get there when sometimes you just are too tired to fly? You need some wheels!!!! Use your very own PoochMobile and show it off on our SUPERMUTT Walkway. Be creative. Think floats, decorate your wagon or even your skateboard! Use a decorated dolly cart! You have many options to create your crime-fighting vehicle. Be sure you are dressed in your SUPERMUTT costume.

Rules: Dog (s) must be on a float; group of dogs dressed in same theme; dogs with human(s) dressed in same theme

Musical Sit and Stay Dog Contest
Captain Canine Musical Sit & Stay

Saturday 2:15 PM

You are the Captain while your SUPERMUTT demonstrates super command skills. A great Dynamic Duo game for you and your dog. Like musical chairs (without the chairs), you and your dog walk in a circle (to music) with the other SUPERMUTTS. When the music stops, the last dog to "sit" is out! So, relax all you SUPERMUTTS the last dog "sitting" is the winner!

Rules: One handler; one dog on a leash

Wonder Dog Talent Contest
Wonder Dog Talent Contest

Sunday 3:00 PM

Do you have a superpower? Now is your big chance to show it off. Can you leap tall buildings in a single bound or run at the speed of light? No need to do either. Just come show off your trick or special talent in our Wonder Dog Talent Contest. No trick is too trivial and you can win a prize.

Fido's Activities

BOOM! Action-Packed Super Fun

Get out of those SUPERMUTT havens and make your way to Fido’s Festival USA®. Whether your superhero talent is to dive, fly, or run, there's lots of fun awaiting you at the dog event of the year!

SUPERMUTTS unite with your faithful human and take those Dynamic Duo talents to the next level. Be fearless while keeping fit and testing your own superpowers even further. Even rookie SUPERMUTTS can enjoy these fun-filled canine activities. There's no need to fear, SUPERMUTTS are here!

Be sure to check back often as we confirm more great activities for our four-legged friends!

Super Dog Frisbee Shows
Super Dog Frisbee Shows

Saturday 11:00 AM, 2:30 PM, 4:15 PM
Sunday 11:30 AM, 2:00 PM, 3:30 PM

Sponsored by

The most widely recognized superdog frisbee team in the world, Disc-Connected K9s-World Famous Frisbee Dogs, with a record 62 World Final appearances, will bring their world champion team of rescue dogs to Fido's Festival USA®. You will meet the world champions “Zorra," 2014 World Disc Dog Champion; “Indigo,” 2013 World Disc Dog Pairs Champion; “Spencer,” 2012 World Disc Dog Pairs Champion; “Flash,” 2010 World Disc Dog Champion; and “Harley Davidson,” 3 Time World Disc Dog Champion.

Trainer Lawrence Frederick, a human Frisbee competitor, discovered the disc dog world in 1991. His team of SUPER DOGS have performed all over the world and in the past nineteen years have made appearances on David Letterman, Jay Leno, Kathy & Regis, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Good Morning America, and Animal Attractions to name a few. Their musically choreographed, family oriented shows carry a message of fun, athleticism, canine bonding, and promote dog rescuing. Learn about disc dog techniques and spend some time chatting with Lawrence and his superhuman team!

Dog Lure Course Races
The Flash—Lure Racing Course

All Day Saturday & Sunday

Faster than the speed of light? Just like The Flash you can be the speedster and the fastest dog around. At Fido's Festival USA®, you are not chasing evil villains, you are chasing a tail around a high performance lure course complete with obstacles and a timer.Lots of fun for dogs of all sizes at Lure for the Cure's racing course brought to us by The National Canine Foundation.

No particular talent is required to participate in this activity! Dogs can run for fun or compete for their very own ribbon. No rehearsals. No training. Just excitement, fun, and pure running instinct that drives all SUPERMUTTS to chase the tail.

"Lure for the Cure" race charges a modest fee with proceeds to fund canine cancer research. Extra fee for participation paid directly to The National Canine Foundation. Tickets are $7.50 for one time around the course or $10.00 for three times around the course.

Dog Dock Diving
AquaDog Dock Jumping

Saturday 10:00 AM - Splash 1, 12:00 PM - Splash 2, 2:00 PM - Splash 3, 4:00 PM - Fetch-It

Sunday 10:00 AM - Splash 4, 12:00 PM - Splash 5, 1:30 PM - Catch-It, 3:00 PM - Chase-It, 4:00 PM - Finals

Sponsored by

Gather up those aqua powers for ULTIMATE AIR DOGS (UAD) dock jumping competition. Fido welcomes back Milt Wilcox, a former Pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, famous for winning Game 3 of the 1984 World Series. His charismatic emceeing is as entertaining as watching his outstanding team of professional dock jumping, high flying dogs! UAD is the premier dock jumping organization that travels throughout the country entertaining thousands of spectators each year.

Whether new to this sport or a high flying SUPERMUTT performer, this fantastic water sport is not to be missed! Jump for fun in open time slots or compete for the Grand Finale. There is a fee to participate in this activity, which is paid directly to UAD.

Dog Adoption Showcase
Burlington County K-9 Search & Rescue

All Day Saturday & Sunday

Burlington County K-9 Search & Rescue is a Non-Profit Organization, composed of highly trained and skilled volunteers. We are 100% volunteer and do not charge for our services. We operate solely off donations and fundraisers as we are not County/State funded. We are on call 24/7, 365 days a year regardless of weather conditions. We serve NJ, PA, MD, DE for emergency response.

In the last few months Burlington County K-9 Search and Rescue has been involved in numerous high profile cases, including the most recent of a woman from Lumberton who had been missing since 2013. The department was out searching for another individual who had been missing for a year. Though that individual has yet to be found, we are grateful that we were able to bring closure to another family.

Diana Frohman Freestyle AKA Doggie Dancing
Freestyle AKA Doggie Dancing

Saturday 11:00 AM - Trick Performance, 2:00 PM & 3:30 PM - Canine Dance Performance

Sunday 12:00 PM - Canine Dance Performance, 1:30 PM - Trick Performance

Diana Frohman and her famous dancing dogs have traveled around the country performing canine freestyle AKA doggie dancing for audiences of all ages. They can be seen on many popular commercials, movies and TV shows. They are AKC champions of the breed and they have many titles doing field work along with obedience and agility titles as well. They are true versatile dogs who love to please audiences making them laugh and smile. Diana begins their training when they are very young and continues to train new tricks each day proving that a dog is never too old to learn new tricks.

Diana started training dogs while she was in high school and got her first golden almost 15 years ago, fell in love with the breed and has not changed breeds since. She uses clicker training originally used for training marine animals. It is a positive method that has become extremely popular over the years. You will enjoy meeting and experiencing Diana's 3 very talented Golden Retrievers; Eddie age 9, Henry age 5 and her newest addition Annie who is only a year old.

Fido's Trainers' Den
Fido's Trainers' Den

All Day Saturday

Dogs come in all sizes, shapes, and personalities.  There are many techniques to train a dog. This year, Fido is excited to bring several training experts your way to conduct brief demonstrations and share tips throughout the weekend on how to train your Fido.

How do you motivate and teach your Fido to demonstrate good behavior? Do your children know how their actions affect the reaction of their family dog? Those tricks you see other dogs perform, how did their owners get them to accomplish these talents? What does your fur baby need to accomplish to enter the world of commercials and television? So many questions and now we have answers!

Participating Trainers:

Larry Fine, Dog Trainer

Diane Frohman, Dog Trainer
Freestyle Dog Training

Dawn Wolfe, Talent Agent
Pawsitively Famous Animal Actors

Christina Micarelli, Dog Trainer
Paws and Obey Dog Training

Dog Adoption Showcase
Be a Superhero–Adoption Showcase

Saturday 1:00 PM

Come and meet our shelter and rescue dogs as they take to the stage hoping for that real superhero who will give them a forever home. If you are looking for someone who will never let you down, someone who will remain loyal no matter what, who will greet you with big sloppy kisses, and will bring you joy and some tail wagging fun, you've come to the right place! Be part of the audience and take a peek at some less fortunate dogs seeking a family to love them. Don't miss this opportunity to meet your new best friend! Now is your chance to be the ultimate superhero!

Mister Freeze Cool Down Pool
Mister Freeze Cool Down Pool

All Day Saturday & Sunday

Feeling hot from running and jumping activities? Chill a little in Fido's quick cool down pools. Relax and enjoy the water with your canine friends. Some SUPERMUTTS cannot resist splashing around in the water. No villains to worry about, just have a wet and really cool time.

Fido's Super-POW-erful Experts

Our Super Experts & Heroic Dogs

Fido’s Festival USA® presents some extraordinary and dedicated humans who are passionate about dogs, their health and their well-being. Come shake paws with our featured specialists, experts, trainers, authors and those famous in the dog world. Hear a variety of experts who share their knowledge offering helpful tips and demonstrations on current canine topics that will make a difference in your dog’s life. We are also featuring heroic dogs who we honor this year as Fido's superheroes.

If you are an expert in a particular dog related field and would like to participate in this year’s festival or know of a superhero dog, please call the Fido office.

Joe Dwyer and Daniel the Beagle
Joe Dwyer and Daniel the Beagle

Presents "Daniel's Dream"
Saturday 12:00 PM

Daniel the Beagle is Fido's definition of a "Super Hero"! Not only did he survive the gas chamber on October 3, 2011, but he also doesn't look back at his unfortunate circumstances that led him to be in a kill shelter. In November of 2011, Daniel “the miracle Beagle” came to live with Joe Dwyer and his family. Daniel has already had a positive impact. Through his story of survival from the gas chamber, Daniel has inspired adoptions, spay/neuter and has brought an awareness of the need to pass a law to ban the use of gas chambers. Daniel was awarded the Emerging Hero Dog Award in 2012 and has been a tireless advocate (along with his Dad Joe Dwyer) for humane treatment of animals. Come to meet Daniel and hear his inspiring message, which applies to all of us.

Join Joe Dwyer to experience Daniel's inspirational message about knocking out toxin's in your life. Since Daniel's harrowing experience in the gas chamber Joe and Daniel have banded together to educate kids and the general public about the importance of rallying around a hero (in this case Daniel) to not only improve the humane treatment of animals but to help kids make better choices in their mental and physical lives. Daniel's message is for everyone who cares about dogs and people.

Tom Myers Bundle of Paws Photography
Tom Myers, Bundle of Paws Photography

Presents "Making Lifetime Images Of Your Superhero"
Sunday 12:30 PM

Are you happy with the digital images you have of your Fido? Struggling for ways to make them better? Don't miss those Superhero moments! Award winning professional photographer Tom Myers, shares his secrets to capture great images of your furry family member. Increase your rate of ‘keepers’ and most of all ensure you and your dog have a great time snapping those memorable moments.

Tom Myers, owner of Bundle of Paws Photography, a premiere on-location pet and family photographer based in Robbinsville, NJ customizes each session to each client capturing the spirit, emotion and loving relationship between pets and their families. Using patience and positive energy for optimal photo shoots, their images have sold around the world, been featured in a variety of media channels including pet360.com, thebark.com, “Exit Zero” and “Our Robbinsville” magazines. Their 12 year old rescue dog, Mattie, is the inspiration of their work, story and company name. Tom is an artist member of HeARTs Speak, an international association of artists who donate their time and skills to help animals find forever homes. Tom volunteers his time photographing adoptable animals for volunteer rescue groups in the northeast US.

Larry Fine
Larry Fine, Doggyality

Presents "Cognitive Training for you and your dog!"
Time TBA

Larry Fine, owner of Doggyality, teaches people to communicate with their dogs in a language that they can understand using cognitive training. This style of training uses a choice based system where the dog learns behavior, not just learns to perform behavior. The method promotes a better human / dog relationship based on trust. And while most of us focus on what we do to help our dogs, it's Larry's belief that our dogs are here to help us.

Larry’s landmark Doggyality method has won fans across the country, virtually rewriting the manual on keeping your dog happy, healthy, and well-behaved. Here for the first time, Larry will host a workshop showing the benefits of cognitive training.

Janice Costa
Janice Costa, Canine Camp Getaway of NY

Presents "You Can Be a Superhero Too–Pet First Aid & CPR"
Saturday 3:00 PM

Sometimes super dogs need super heroes of their own! Knowing how to treat an injury or provide CPR until you can get your furry BFF to the vet can make all the difference when every second counts. In this class, you’ll learn emergency skills like how to assess a pet’s vitals, bandage wounds, help a choking pet, restrain an injured pet and perform CPR (yes, you can give a dog mouth-to-mouth – or mouth-to-snout, as the case may be!). You’ll also learn how to create a pet first aid kit to keep in your home and car.

As owner and founder of the dog vacation camp, Canine Camp Getaway of NY, Janice spends a lot of time around dogs. As a Therapy Dog Evaluator with Therapy Dogs International as well as the AKC's CGC program, Janice is also certified in Pet First Aid and Canine CPR, and teaches classes as a Pet First Aid instructor with the Emergency Case & Safety Institute (ECSI).

Dawn Wolfe
Dawn Wolfe

Wonderdogs Talent Contest MC
Sunday 3:00 PM

“Certified Dog Behaviorist and Master Trainer” is just one way to identify Dawn Wolfe. Her company; Pawsitively Famous Animal Actors is another. She is an expert in a number of different training methods and equipment. Dawn’s unique approach allows her to train dogs not only for obedience work, but also for tricks, retrieves and even posing for the camera! Dawn also conducts workshops and auditions for aspiring animal actors throughout the U.S.

Dawn will emcee to Fido’s Wonder Dog Talent contest on Saturday. Dawn will also give tips on training your dog and explaining just what it takes to be famous.

Christina Micarelli
Christina Micarelli, Paws and Obey Dog Training

Presents "How to Pick the Right Fido for Your Family"
Time TBA

You are ready to add a dog to your family. Where do you go to find your new forever friend - rescue and or shelter? What breed of dog is suitable for your lifestyle and situation? What should you look for when meeting a dog? What do you do once you take the dog home? Christina will provide answers to all of these questions and more!

Christina is a certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT). She loves to volunteer her time working with local rescue dogs and is the trainer and co-founder for a non-profit rescue called 4 Paws Dog Rescue of NJ.

Buddy the Chihuahua
Buddy the Chihuahua

Presents "Bravo Buddy"
Saturday 1:00 PM

Buddy is a 10-year-old Chihuahua that has been certified as a therapy dog. His training started when he was 9 weeks old. At age 5 he became the main character of 2 books called "Buddy's Rainy Day" & "What's Wrong Buddy?" written and illustrated by JoDenise Muller and Danett D. Bolton. Buddy visits schools, libraries, nursing homes and medical facilities to help educate and promote dog awareness, literacy awareness and offer help whenever support services can be useful within the community.

Buddy will present "Bravo Buddy" where he will show you how he’s brave, courageous, kind and caring; always striving to make a difference in someone's life by helping them battle depression, loneliness and fears - all while making you smile!

Caring Canines 4H
Caring Canines 4H Club

Presents "The Superhero's of the Sightless"
All Day Saturday

Ever wonder how service dogs get their start? On Saturday you have the opportunity to meet and interact with the Caring Canines 4H Club. The club was created in 1942 exclusively for the purpose of training puppies to be seeing eye companions.

You will see firsthand how these amazing "superdogs" get their start. Meet the canine superhero's and their "super" trainers who work hard to help the sightless in our country. Who knows, maybe volunteering for such an important job is in your future!