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But that's not all that's new. New location! New theme! New activities and plenty of entertainment for dogs and dog loving families. Get ready for more FIDO!!

What is Fido's Festival USA®?

Fido’s Festival USA® is an outdoor, annual, two-day, all-inclusive dog festival for humans and their furry counterparts–the loveable family dog. Each year, thousands of dog lovers unite to participate in a weekend of family entertainment focused on their furry companions and dog owners.

To make the festival a "not-to-be-missed" annual event, each year Fido’s Festival USA® presents a new theme, which is incorporated throughout the festival. Some notable themes to date have included “Hooray for Howlywood,” “Tropical Pooch Paradise,” and “Once Upon a Canine.”

Fido’s Festival USA® plays host to numerous activities throughout the weekend that have been created specifically for dogs and their owners to enjoy a very special weekend together. There are races, contests, agility courses, themed costume competitions, a parade and much, much more.

Fido’s Festival USA® also offers some big time entertainment for dogs such as lure course racing, dock diving, and disc dog shows. Each year, new dog centric entertainment is incorporated making the festival the premier dog festival in New Jersey.

Sponsors, vendors, food, and canine experts are available to share their knowledge and answer questions throughout the weekend.

Rescues and shelters participate bringing with them adoptable dogs. Fido’s Festival USA® has been a major vehicle in finding forever homes for many dogs over the years.